Role: Videographer, Editor, Musician
Band Photograph by Una Blue
Members: Jordan Rundle, Bret Gardin, William Hayes, Tyler Coray
Location: Seattle

Newaxeyes was a multimedia music and art project from Seattle, WA. Along with being a member of the group, I was responsible for the band identity and marketing through video on social media platforms and live performance installations.

In 2015 Newaxeyes was invited to participate in Northwest Film Forum’s series Puget Soundtrack, which invited musicians to recreate an original score to their favorite films. They chose Ridley Scotts 1979 classic Alien, which culminated in a live in-theatre performance that was recorded and released on double cassette via Freakout Records.

Their debut full-length, BLACK FAX, recorded live to tape over the course of two days and produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Wolves In The Throne Room), is a testament to the band’s genre-agnostic approach to music. Collaborating since 2013, Jordan Rundle (Bass/Synths/Sampler), Bret Gardín (Electronic drums/Synths), Tyler Coray (Guitar/Sampler), and William Hayes (Guitar/Synths) draw inspiration from a wide variety of places and seamlessly merge them into songs that are as abrasive as they are cinematic.

Members of NEWAXEYES have played guitars on Jóhann Jóhannson’s score to Panos Cosmatos' (Beyond the Black Rainbow) film Mandy, the newest Myrkur album Mareridt (2017, Relapse Records), toured as live keyboardist of Wolves in the Throne Room, and contributed electronic drums to post-punk pioneers Sort Sol’s Stor Langsom Stjerne (2017, Sony).

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